Busiest Spring/Summer Ever 7/23/15

I took a quick glance at my website to make sure everything was working and up to date and noticed I hadn’t posted in quite a while, and then looked at how many trips I have run this calendar year and realized it is due to how busy I have been thus far this year! I can’t thank my great customers enough, and appreciate everyone who recommends me.

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A brief recap of what happened spring and early summer- we caught tons of GIANT redfish through March and April, while mixing in a solid snook bite and a nice kingfish season that was a little early this year due to high water temps. Then moved into an early tarpon season as they showed up in mass numbers early in May. Some of the best days came for those that were very flexible on schedule and as soon as I said they showed up, they booked some trips and saw some EPIC sights before the crowds of people got word of the fish. Caught tons of tarpon up to 200 lbs, and occasionally mixed in some days catching beach snook and schooled up reds. Trout have actually remained pretty consistent throughout.


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That brings us to currently. Schools of redfish are starting to move in to the shallow water in mass…many schools, and some tailing fish on the low tides which is an unbelievable sight to be seen. These fish should stay through October and be on a pretty good feed that gets better as the water cools. Mangrove snapper, trout, spanish mackerel are all still present in pretty good numbers, and soon the snook will start to move back into the flats post spawn and start feeding heavily as fall and winter approach. We are coming up on a great time to be on the water, August the ambitious can get out on some low tides and target 30-35″ redfish sitting in 2′ of water or less standing on their heads tailing. Then September, October, and November the waters cool, temps cool, and fall feed begins. Call or email today to get your date on the books!


Tight Lines,
Capt Greg Doherty
(727) 871-8822